Crossriver Events

Crossriver Event is a brand of Temple of Aaron’s that takes program outside the synagogue walls or creates a low barrier to entry. Unlike a typical synagogue, Crossriver Events is a way for Temple of Aaron to represent itself to the larger community; Jewish and non-Jewish. We provide access to celebrities and experiences. Events have included Crossriver Kosherfest, major celebrity events, The Big Night of Jewish Thought, Temple of Wrestling, Purim Extravaganza for Youth and Adults, and Crossriver Block Party! Learn about these initiatives below!

Crossriver Kosherfest

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After Rabbi Fine’s learning through the Rabbinical Assembly’s Rav Hamakshir he wanted to bring something back to the Twin Cities. He created @CrossriverKosher on IG.

Crossriver Kosherfest quickly became a much talked about program for the entire Upper Midwest as a platform to educate the masses and the expand business for Kosher vendors. Crossriver Kosherfest became more than just a convention for kosher eating. Several synagogues and Jewish organizations signed on to help, volunteers from within the synagogue were excited, and a variety of events leading up to the event took place; a 20s and 30s discussion about Kashrut, a local cooking contest through, and a special Shabbat dinners. In year two there was a major expansion of vendors from all over the United States, an interactive food Shuk where people participate in mitzvot that deal with food. Year 4 Crossriver Kosherfest took over Keg and Case Food Market for an incredible evening. National celebrities including celebrity chefs, TV personalities, Jewish athletes, and famous mascots joined in on the fun! It is the largest annual Jewish community event in St. Paul!

Annual Celebrity Fundraisers & Shows

Rabbi Fine interviews Judy Gold after her Purim special

One of the best nights of the year is Temple of Aaron’s Annual Celebrity Fundraisers. Each year hundreds and hundreds of people (members and non-members) packed Temple of Aaron for an exciting evening with a major celebrity. The event raises necessary funds for Temple of Aaron but more importantly creates excitement and buzz for the entire Jewish, Highland, and Twin Cities community. The event has featured Mel Brooks, Jason Alexander, Richard Lewis, Mayim Bialik, Josh Radnor and others! Because of the success of the annual event Crossriver Events branded newer and smaller programs including House of Comedy with Judy Gold and St. Thomas hosted Julie Heldman. These events include the Big Night of Jewish Thought which brings in some of the world’s top Jewish scholars for debate and discussion.

Purim Extravaganza

Rabbi Fine has spent much of his time trying to reinvigorate holiday programming. Purim became his focus in 2017 and now is a main highlight of the year. Through a new initiative Rabbi Fine transform the average Purim Carnival into a once-in-a-lifetime (outside of Orland and California) experience. 25+ Disney characters including the Original voice of Aladdin’s Jasmine, Linda Larkin, filled Temple of Aaron. Cinderella’s Carriage Ride, Jack Sparrows Limo Scavenger Hunt, Princess and Jedi training created opportunities for hundreds of children of all faiths and backgrounds.  In 2018 the theme was Animal Kingdom which include the MN Lynx Lindsay Whalen, 7 professional mascots, a winter Safari Ride, Raptor Show, and all sorts of other animal adventures.

Temple of Wrestling

Temple of Wrestling is just like what it sounds…top notch professional wrestling inside a synagogue. Nationally recognized, Temple of Wrestling is not only action packed and fun for all ages, but it is a way to bring people to the synagogue. From under-engaged to people who have never been in a synagogue, Temple of Wrestling has defied all odds.

Crossriver Block Party

Crossriver Block Party is hosted in the Temple of Aaron parking lot with food trucks, fun trucks and more! This event spans all ages and includes unique experiences for children, live music, games, opportunities for adults of all ages. It has become a community event not just for Temple of Aaron but for all of the Highland neighborhood and Twin Cities.