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After Rabbi Fine’s learning through the Rabbinical Assembly’s Rav Hamakshir he wanted to bring something back to the Twin Cities. He created CrossriverKosher.com. The site includes Top 5 lists of Kosher goodies, learning more about Kosher vendors in the Twin Cities, and of course Kosher news. Follow @KosherHighway on Twitter and Instagram for more.

Crossriver Kosherfest quickly became a much talked about program for the entire Upper Midwest as a platform to educate the masses and the expand business for Kosher vendors. Crossriver Kosherfest became more than just a convention for kosher eating. Several synagogues and Jewish organizations signed on to help, volunteers from within the synagogue were excited, and a variety events leading up to the event took place; a 20s and 30s discussion about Kashrut, a local cooking contest through TCJewFolk.com, and a special Shabbat dinners. In year two there was a major expansion of vendors from all over the United States, an interactive food Shuk where people participate in mitzvot that deal with food. National celebrities including celebrity chefs, TV personalities, Jewish athletes, and famous mascots join in on the fun! It is the largest annual Jewish community event in St. Paul!


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