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In 2017 Rabbi Fine was asked to begin contributing to The Forward’s new Scribe section. Here are a few sample articles:

5 Steps and an Unlikely Outsider Can ‘Save’ Conservative Judaism

Why Are So Many Rabbis Fleeing the Pulpit?


These articles made the top trending stories of the Jewish Journal

I Drove on Shabbat

Judaism in the Thicket

Where Have All The Traditional Conservative Rabbis Gone?

Traditional Conservative Jews: A Second Look

Conservative Judaism Needs Orthodoxy

My Daughter’s Israel

Rabbi Fine has had a relationship with the Jewish Journal since 2010. It began with the Jewish Journal publishing articles from The Great Rabbino and occasionally exclusive sports material. In 2013, Rabbi Fine began writing a blog entitled Beyond the Bimah. This blog looks at issues from a Rabbi’s perspective that are rarely discussed on the Bimah. 



oy-logo Originally another location to host The Great Rabbino blog, Rabbi Fine frequently covers other Jewish stories for Oy! Chicago. It is a great way for him to stay connected to his hometown and contribute to a site that engages young professionals.

Investing in Your Jewish Past

When Rabbi Fine and his family moved to Minnesota in the summer of 2012, he immediately connected with TCJewFolk.com. Rabbi Fine began a new column called Pop Parsha. Pop Parsha tackled the weekly parsha infusing it with a pop culture topic. Rabbi Fine is also a featured writer on other issues facing the Twin Cities Jewish Community and the Jewish World at large.

My Daughter Doesn’t Know it Yet…

Pop Parsha: Moses vs. Justin Timberlake

Towards the end of CJ Voices Rabbi became a featured writer with a column called “Medium to Millennials.” Unfortunately, the magazine folded in 2016 but you can still find a few of Rabbi Fine’s articles online.

The Blockbuster Synagogue

The Koufax Midrash





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