The Great Rabbino

The Great Rabbino was originally a blog created by Rabbi Fine in 2009. Through the blog Rabbi Fine has been invited to speak as a expert in Jewish sports on Israeli radio and Jewish organizations across the country. Since its inception the blog has been nationally recognized and appeared in The Chicago Sun Times, The San Francisco Sentinel, and many other media outlets. The Great Rabbino has been received media credentials for the NCAA Final Four (2019) and the Super Bowl (2020). In 2019 Visit The Great Rabbino blog for Jewish sporting news and stories and click below to read more about your favorite Jewish athletes.

In 2015 Rabbi Fine began his on company The Great Rabbino. TGR is serves as a way for the Jewish community to better engage with sports and Jewish athletes. Quickly his entrepreneurial effort has allowed athletes to speak at Jewish day schools, run clinics at summer camps, and worked closely with Israel organizations.